Promotion and Communication

Integrated promotion and communication program

The organizer of Aquatherm Athens 2020 has been conducting an integrated and graded advertising campaign using all media, TV, radio, press, magazines and etc. in the context of promotion plan. At the same time, an extensive digital promotion campaign will take place with the use of social media, blogs, websites and google AdWords.

Equally important are the outdoor activities planned for Aquatherm Athens 2019. It should be noted that the targeted and graded promotion plan will mainly target the sector-specific press and the corresponding websites by sending press releases and newsletters. Our goal is full coverage and the approach of interested stakeholders.

With the experience of HELEXPO and Be-Best

TIF HELEXPO has important experience and know-how in organizing large exhibition events with significant demands both in terms of the event and on the satisfaction of the large number of visitors. TIF HELEXPO, with events such as INFACOMA and ENERGYTECH in its portfolio, creates the necessary conditions for the utilization of its national as well as international interconnections through the network of its associates.

The production company Be Best is highly successful in organising some of the largest trade fairs in the Greek market. Having organized thematic exhibitions such as the ECONOMIC HEATING EXHIBITION, it has the required experience that that guarantees success. The main purpose of the company is to organize an effective communication strategy for companies and organization.