The internationally renowned Aquatherm in Athens at MEC!

After the highly successful organisation of Infacoma & Aquatherm exhibitions in Athens in March 2017, the exhibition "duo" is being transferred to a new, larger space, at MEC Peania from the 9th until the 12th of February 2018.

New open-plan exhibition space
The MEC Exhibition Center is distinguished by the largest available area of 12,000 sq.m. of open-plan exhibition space, satisfying a relative exhibitors demand. This exhibition venue also has 35,000 sq.m. of free outdoor parking space.

The Infacoma & Aquatherm Athens exhibitions are co-organized by the National Exhibition Organizer Agency TIF-HELEXPO and Be Best company.

Statistical data 2017
•    10,000 sq.m. exhibitional space
•    200 exhibitors
•    15,000 trade visitors from Greece and abroad (hosted buyers)
•    500 B2B meetings
•    Hosted buyers from Russia, Egypt, Libya, Bulgaria, Sweden, Romania.

We invite you to participate in the largest exhibitional event for construction, renovation, insulation, heating, air conditioning, energy saving, swimming pools and spas for business premises, hotel complexes and residences!

TIF HELEXPO has vast experience and expertise in organizing equivalent (concerning visitor levels) professional exhibitions such as INFACOMA and ENERGYTECH.

Be Best organizes some of the most successful exhibitions in the Greek market. Meanwhile it effectively handles the communication strategy of large companies and organizations. Its experience combined with the vast database (including the ECONOMIC HEATING Exhibition) is a guarantee for the success of the event.